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Nomex Fireproof Underwear

Our Nomex fireproof underwear made from our exclusive Nomex® / FR Lenzing Rayon / Lyocell blended yarn to knitted the interlock fabric and with Nomex® thread stitching. We so glad to introduce our Nomex fireproof underwear to you and it is approved by FIA.


Characteristics Of Nomex Underwear We Supply To

On the other hand, the Nomex fireproof underwear is soft and durable fire retardant, and provides comfort, antibacterial and deodorant properties. (Test Bacteria reduction 99.7% by AATCC No.6538). The material of Nomex fireproof underwear is flame resistant inherently and will not burn, melt, or ignite when it is subjected to the direct flame. We suggest you wear our Nomex fireproof underwear inside and then you can wear your other protective suit outside when you always work in the place that could be has open flame.
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