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FR Blending

Lenzing FR® has good resistance to sunlight and aging, fair resistance to abrasion, and poor resistance to mildew.

NOMEX® has been blended with Lenzing FR® which produces a durable fabric with higher moisture regain than 100% aramid. These blends is including 20/80 blend of Nomex and Lenzing FR, and 60/40 of Nomex and Lenzing.

Fabrics made from blends of Nomex®/FR Rayon are mixtures of inherently flame-resistant aramid fibers with permanently FR treated Lenzing FR® which means that this property cannot be removed by wear or laundering.

The aramid fiber may be solution dyed, which means the fiber is dyed in the fiber forming process, or piece dyed, depending on the color. Similarly, the Lenzing FR® fiber may be piece dyed, or undyed, depending on the color.