Kevlar® Sewing Thread

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Strong and Flame Resistant Sewing Thread

Kevlar sewing thread (para-aramid) is one of the strongest and most fire retardant commercially which material from the DuPont. Kevlar has very little stretch, not melt/drip and decomposes at 425°c. This makes it a great choice for high stress applications on heavy duty clothing, conveyer belts, harnesses and bags, reinforcing plastics, and other fibers, and even providing high-temperature controls for model airplanes and rockets.

Kevlar Sewing Thread Uses

Kevlar sewing thread is also perfect for making high temperature resistant garments. It can also be used in the manufacture of safety clothing and composite materials. Kevlar thread is widely used in heat and blast furnace protection wear, fire-fighter clothing, industrial and military garment, racing car driver clothing, personal protection equipment such as cut and ballistic protection - it is used in cut protection gloves and bullet-proof vests etc.


Fire Fighter Industrial Oil & Gas Military & Police Power Electrical Racing


Material: Kevlar Sewing Thread
Yarn Count: 20'S/2~20'S/6, 30'S/2~30'S/6, 40'S/2~40'S/3 200D/2,200D/3,400D2
Type: Spun Filament
Length/spool: 2500~5500 meters 1500~3000 meters
Color: Natural Yellow/Black Natural Yellow
Feature: High strength, durability, high tear resistance
Fire resistant, no melt/drip, self-extinguishing after contact a flame
Good chemical resistance against weak acids and alkalis
Limiting oxygen index Loi greater than 28
Excellent mechanical strength

Tips Of Saving Kevlar Sewing Thread

Will pack all our Kevlar sewing thread in black polythene bags to ensure that they are in pristine condition when received. Because all Kevlar products are effected by strong UV light and will reduce strength if left exposed to sunlight or UV for long periods. Kevlar will also degrade in contact with chlorine (such as bleach).
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