Best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Electrical Safety

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Electrical Personal Protective Equipment is a range of specialized gear and equipment to protect those who work with or around electricity from electrical hazards.

According to the agency that collects and analyzes the data on electrical accidents,  there are three types of electrical accidents that happen, which also depend on the strength of the electrical current and factors

  • Electrical Shock

When workers contact a live part, the electrical current will flow through the body, slightly exposure to electrical energy may not result in injury, but severe exposure to electrical energy may result in devastating damage or death.

  • Electrical Burn

The shock causes the worker’s body to burn, ranging from the exposure and the surrounding skin and even the internal of the body.

  • Electrical Fire

When electrical fires ignite a flammable material, it will cause severe damage to the property and have the risk of injuries to the workers and the related person.

Electrical hazards include electric shock, burns, arc flashes, and arc blasts, which can happen during works like electrical installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, short circuits, or repair. Properly and safe use of personal protective equipment to protect and minimize the impact of potential hazards.

  • Head Protection: Choose the helmet designed to insulate electrical hazards and comply with the safety standards.
  • Eye and Face Protection: Wear safety glasses and face shields to prevent arc flashes and sparks. Inside the safety glasses and face shields, you should choose the fully-covered balaclava which is made of the Nomex IIIA knitted with the completed test report/certificate to ensure the protection is comprehensive.
  • Hand Protection: Wearing insulated gloves for electrical work.
  • Body Protection: Wearing Flame resistant overalls and arc flash suits to protect against electrical arc flashes.
  • Foot Protection: Electrical Hazard safety boots provide defense against electric shock hazards.

By understanding the basics of electrical safety, and appropriately wear personal protective equipment according to regulations, you can minimize the risk of the electrical damage problem occurring.