The firefighter Nomex hoods, Nomex fire resistant balaclava / face mask, are made from 100% Nomex® IIIA yarn to knit the interlock fabric and with Nomex® thread stitching.

Fire-Retardant Nomex Fabric With Certificate

Our Nomex® IIIA knitting fabric have passed EN13911:2017 (Flame spread, heat transfer, residual strength of material when exposed to heat, heat resistance and seam breaking strength), ISO11612:2015 (Limited flame spread, Convective heat, Radiant heat) and ASTM F1506-19a (As-received flammability, Flammability after 25 washes, Arc test).

Ultimate Protection: Firefighter Nomex Hood/Balaclava/Face Mask

Introducing our firefighter Nomex hood and fire resistant balaclava/face mask, designed to safeguard the faces of workers in firefighting, oil, gas, power, racing, and other industries. Our products offer exceptional flame protection. Crafted using a blend of FR Rayon and Nomex® IIIA yarn, our interlock fabric has passed the ASTM D6413-13b flammability test. The hoods and fire resistant balaclavas/face masks are stitched with durable Nomex® thread.

Order our firefighter Nomex hood, Nomex fire resistant balaclava/face mask, or our FR Rayon/Nomex hood, FR Rayon/Nomex fire resistant balaclava/face mask to protect the face from flames.
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