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Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread

Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread1 Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread2 Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread3 Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread4 Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread5

Characteristics Of Nomex® Thread

Nomex® thread is made of 100% spun meta-aramide which material from the Dupont™ and offers an outstanding, permanent heat and flame protection up to 370°C at an excellent value, including no melt, no drip and has extremely low flammability.
Due to the based and superior flame resistant ability to cause widely used with clothing and gear designed to protect from fire and heat.

Multiple Colors To Choose From Nomex Thread

We have nomex thread regular color card for fire retardant clothing as such Navy, royal blue, orange, red, yellow, black, pure white, tan, sage green. We also can make customized color, just send us your fabric swatches then we will make the Nomex sewing thread in your distinctive color.


Fire Fighter Industrial Oil & Gas Military & Police Power Electrical Racing


Nomex® IIIA Sewing Thread
Yarn Count: NE45'S/3(Tex40) NE30'S/3(Tex60)
Type: Spun Spun
Length/Cone: 6000 yds 4000 yds
Standard: UL Certification
NFPA1971, 1975, 1999, 2112, ASTM 1506
Application: Firefighter uniform
Fire resistant coveralls in oil&gas industry
Military uniform
Racing suits
Arc flash garment
Overalls in aluminum and welding industry

*Our Nomex thread apply to apparel or any article that is to be subjected to heat or flame for brief time in periods
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