Meet your standard for heat and flame resistance with fire resistant thread

What Is Fire Resistant Thread and What Are They Characteristics?

They all have same feature what are inherently flame retardant, self-extinguishing, no melt, drip and extremely low flammability.

Materials Of Fire Resistant Thread

When a manufacturer is seeking a synthetic fiber that meets specific standards for heat and flame resistance, or one that demands extreme tensile strength, two materials are widely known for these characteristics – DuPont’s Nomex™ and Kevlar™. Each of these belong to the “class of aramid fibers” with the general characteristics which include a high melting point, a high strength to weight ratio and low elongation at break.

Nomex thread

Dupont™ Nomex® is a meta-aramid fiber means it is highly resistant to temperature, chemical degradation and abrasion.

Kevlar sewing thread

Dupont™ Kevlar® and lower cost alternatives are para-aramid fibers that display a high tensile strength and modulus behavior

Application Of Fire Resistant Thread Products

Fire resistant threads are extensively in the production of protective clothing, filtration and cabling where flame or heat resistance are required. Hai Huei is a manufacturer and supplier for spun Nomex™, Kevlar™, Aramid and FR viscose sewing thread – these based fire resistant thread are the most popular FR(fire retardant) choices. (You may also like: Flame Resistant Fabric & FR Knitting Fabric)

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