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Regarding the question “What are zippers made of?” There are three important components of a zipper.

Zipper Tape

The zipper tape is the basic component, and according to the use, there will be different materials that could be chosen. In the fire resistant area, the zipper tape could be the chemical treatment or inherent flame resistant material like the Nomex.

Zipper Slider

The zipper slider could be metal or plastic, which joins or separates the zipper teeth when the zipper is opened or closed. The closed-end zipper is the commonly used zipper style where the zipper does not come apart at the end and there is a stop at the end to prevent the slider from falling off. The open-end zipper style where the zipper separates at both ends is mostly used for the jacket.

Zipper Teeth

The zipper teeth are part of the engagement of each side zipper, and the choice of the zipper slider is depending on the usage and working environment.

How to choose the zipper for flame retardant garments?

To ensure the protection of the flame retardant garment is comprehensive, and the zipper would not be a key reason to make the flame retardant garments get burned, please choose the inherent flame resistant material of Nomex.

What are zippers made of: metal

The metal zipper is the most commonly used one which is mainly made of brass, nickel, and aluminum, provides durability to withstand high strength and tough washing, and is widely used for the industrial, oil and gas, military, and firefighter.

What are zippers made of: plastic

Besides, if your working environment is like the electric power field, which should not have metal to avoid the arc flash hazard, please choose the plastic zipper.

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