Nomex/FR Rayon blending fabric is a mixture of inherently flame resistant Aramid fibers with permanently FR treated rayon which means the property cannot be removed by wearing or laundering, and also have the test report as the electric arc testing of ASTM F1959, EN 13911, EN 11612, EN ISO 15025, and NFPA 1971.

The benefits of FR Rayon are as follows:

  1. Permanently flame retardant and will not melt when exposed to fire.
  2. Make the wearer be comfortable and breathable
  3. The feeling of the fabric is soft and skin friendly
  4. Good resistance to dry heat
  5. The fabric is not easy to wrinkle

The color of the FR blending fabric is depending on the process of solution dyed or piece dyed. The solution dyed is also as known as the producer color which provides good color fastness and stability of the color. The piece dyed provides various selections of colors and also has the special appearance of the melange on the fabric surface.

Modacrylic is a flame resistant synthetic fiber which could blend with natural or artificial fibers, its special characteristic is able to extract oxygen from other non-FR fibers to protect against overheating and eventually burning.

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