Hai Huei produces Nomex fabric knitting from DuPont™ well-known brand of Nomex® flame retardant fiber.

Uses And Applications Of Nomex Fabric

DuPont™ Nomex® is an inherently flame retardant, high temperature resistant meta-aramid fiber which does not melt and drip or support combustion in the air. It plays an essential role in protecting and improving the performance of a wide variety of things in our life, such as firefighters, industrial workers, military personnel, car racing teams and police officers, who rely on the inherent flame resistant Nomex® fiber to help keep them safe from hazardous jobs every day.

Characteristics Of Nomex Fabric

Fabrics made from Nomex® fibers offer inherent and durable heat resistance. The most important thing is that fiber of Nomex fabric does not lose their properties of inherent flame resistant, which means the permanent function of flame retardant does not be washed away during the life of a garment. (What are the alternatives? Learn more about flame resistant fabric)

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