Characteristics Of Kevlar® Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Abrasion resistance is the ability of a fabric to resist surface wear caused by flat rubbing contact with another material. And abrasion resistant fabric withstands surface wear from rubbing, extending the life of a product and protecting the person who wears it.

Uses And Applications Of Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Abrasion resistant materials are specially designed fabrics with the capacity to resist any sort of injury/erosion/ scratch / extreme weather etc. These textiles are used in a plethora of applications line defense, civil defense, firefighting, marine, automotive, glass manufacturing, electrical, mechanical, engineering etc.

Till now most of the abrasion resistant materials were being made by using natural rubber because of its inherent strength. However, its now being largely replaced by technical textiles made from various polymers.

Advantage Of Our Kevlar® Fabric

The common abrasion resistance material can choose from three reinforcements: fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar®. Fiberglass tends to be the all-purpose choice, while carbon fiber offers high stiffness and Kevlar®, high abrasion resistant. DuPont™ Kevlar® para-aramid fiber is used to make a variety of garment and accessories for cut resistance, abrasion resistance and flame retardant. It’s lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong. It’s well known for using in stab-resistant body armor, abrasion resistant garment, motor jeans liner and cut resistant gloves.

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